Posted by: lindapemik | September 21, 2010

Reflection on week one

So what have I learned this week?

I learned (or began to learn) how to use Elluminate Live, a web conferencing software that “rents out” virtual classrooms.  I found it a very useful tool for synchronous (real time) classes; functions include: a “chat” ,emoticoms, check lists, both audio capability– one speaker at a time, and a visual white board; works anywhere in the world where there is internet access—our teacher was in Shanghai, classmates included a person in Cairo, Egypt, California and across Canada. The entire class was recorded and the link emailed out to us so we can review the entire event as many times as we want.  Great tool.

I posted to the class Wiki—after I poked around for a while and finally figured out how to do it.  (and I didn’t mess up the Wiki!)  what’s a Wiki you ask?  If you want to know about wikis and other tools check out U of Regina’s Centre for Teaching and Learning wiki, the TLC Toolbox wiki:

I investigated blogging by “googling” how to blog.  In the process I found some very helpful video clips on Youtube—who knew that  was more than just music videos and sneezing pandas!

I made a blog using…after reviewing their easy steps to blogging on their home page  The hardest part of blogging to date was getting over my fear of exposing my thoughts in such a public arena and figuirng out my purpose for blogging (other than as a course requirement). 

I came across an article by Etienne Wenger, called “Communities of Practice and Social Learning” at . Wenger describes learning as an “interplay between social competence and personal experience”.  He proposes that when we join a new community, as newcomers we are like a child who cannot speak yet—we feel like a bumbling idiot among sages—we want to learn, we want to become one of them and so “their competence pulls our experience”.  At times this week,  I have felt like a bumbling idiot, but you know that is all right.  I have learned somethings and expect to learn much more.  I also expect that the competence of my classmates and those who become my community of practice will pull me along in the right direction.



  1. I feel blessed to have missed the sneezing pandas!

    I had more trouble with the wiki than you did. It took me three tries to figure out how to edit that page.

  2. Sounds like a pretty decent week! Congrats on everything learned.

  3. This is exciting!

  4. Thanks/mutna for sharing your learning with us all, Linda! Now you and I will have something else to talk about other than our kids, Kings Cribbage, the weather and what’s new in town 🙂 What a good role model you are, bravely continuing to seek new knowledge, pointing the way (like an Inukshuk) to understanding (or at least using) new technology!!

  5. There is a blog called “Jane’s eLearning Pick of the Day” that might give you some good ideas while you are in the class and beyond. Here is the link to it:

  6. That sounds like an enormously productive week of learning. Congratulations! 🙂


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