Posted by: lindapemik | November 20, 2010

Taking the long view to building a digital college

A fun image in honour of the launch of our community blog, 20/20 vision ( and my eci831 project).   I love Wordle…just made this wordle image to describe my vision of a Northern online learning community…and I had such fun creating it; super easy too.  A great tool for visual learners who get into imagery.   I took the text of my blog post of October 24, Banding together and this is what it turned into.  Love this digital world!

And yes we went live with our community blog yesterday.  I am anxiously waiting for comments.  I know it will take time for our staff to catch on and many never will but like I said once before in one of my blog posts..ever the optimist!

I’ve mapped out a plan for my project, described in link below.  If you have any suggestions for improvement please leave me a comment.

eci831 Project plan, 20/20 vision



  1. Hi Linda,

    I had never seen Mindjet and I like the look of the program. I think I am going to download the 30 day trial and try it out with my students.

    As for Wordle, I love that program as well, as do my students. We probably overuse it, but oh well!

    Good luck with your final project. I hope you get ther results that you are hoping for!

  2. Nice visual Linda, I couldn’t open the PDF 😦

    • that’s too bad, I’m going to take teh pdf out and reinsert the file as a .swf, hopefully that will be easier to access. 😦


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