Posted by: lindapemik | October 25, 2011

Communicating online for connected coaching

The foundation of coaching whether face to face or online is communication. Connected online coaches need to pay special attention to developing effective online communication skills.

What does good online communication look like for a connected coach?
• Demonstrates genuine interest in hearing the speaker/writer
• Is authentic
• Expresses warmth and curiosity about the speaker/writer
• Purposefully builds trust and rapport
• Focuses deeply on the messages being sent
• Use techniques such as paraphrasing and questioning to insure understanding
• Uses a variety of media tools–visual, audio and written online venues to
deepen the conversations
• Responds positively with strength based observations
• Facilitates new thinking

I’ve found a useful tool to add audio to online communication. It’s Audioboo, a social networking tool that works for both mobile and web platforms that allows you to record and share audio messages. You go to their website to register for free and then you can record messages up to three minutes in length if you want to use it to make longer recordings you have to pay 60 pounds per year. that is about $97 Canadian.

I’ve left you a little message here on audioboo:



  1. Linda,
    I love the quote and the thought of mind stretching!
    Thank you so much for sharing this reflection,


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