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Here’s to PCOT, ZOHO and WYSIWYG

Well, its 2012, and I’ve started a new online learning program, the Professional Certificate in Online Teaching, PCOT for short, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  As I was exploring the site, I came across a website called Learning 2.0.  This is a fairly old (2009) site that lists 23 small exercises designed to help anyone learn about Web 2.0 tools.  Creating a blog is one of the exercises and based on my own experience, getting started with blogging was not a small exercise for me.  My first experience with blogging in 2010 was challenging!  Of course the hard part about jumping into the blogging world for me was overcoming my fear of exposing myself in the web 2.0 world, not  learning to use the technology. But those fears are long gone and I am a blogger.  Whether I find learning new apps a small or big task, I have discovered that becoming more familiar with new tools is worth an investment of time.  Learning what works for others also helps me sort out and prioritize the almost overwhelming number of open source options available.  My blog, Learning out in the open, is my attempt to share some of what I am learning in the hope that others will find  it helpful.

One of the 23 suggested exercises was to “take a look at some online productivity tools, primarily for wordprocessing and spreadsheets.  This lead me to ZoHo writer, a tool much like Google docs but one that appears to be easier to use.  I was especially attracted to the feature that allows you to create a document and post directly to your blog.  This productivity tool woudl also make collaborative blog writing much easier.  My blogging home is WordPress and although it is very easy to use I’d like to be able to simplify it even more and also invite others to co-write with me from time to time.  So here it goes my first blogpost posted from ZoHO.



  1. Well done Linda!

    You are certainly modelling the mindset and actions of a “21st Century” teacher and learner for others.

    My very best wishses to our friends for 2012!

    If you have a moment, please read my own (previous) blog post on the theme of beginnings at




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