Posted by: lindapemik | January 19, 2013

#ETMOOC ….the ride begins


I like to keep things simple even in the midst of apparent I am picking three words to describe what I want to focus on in this MOOC: community, communication, and transparency.
Community–building a sustainable network for learning and personal growth
Communication–how to encourage and support engagement through multiple tools and techniques
Transparency–making learning visible, sharing motives without hidden agendas



  1. Just saw this cartoon and have to chuckle at the friends who have said the same thing to me. My three words for 2013 are explore, cultivate and engage – this #etmooc is definitely focusing on them. I’m glad I found your blog and happy to follow on Twitter! ~Karin (kgitch)

  2. I like how you used the term “transparency” to describe your focus. It’s not often that people use that word to describe learning. The misconception is that learning is a personal opinion that we dare to share with others. In reality, it should be open, honest, and about the sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment. If I had a fourth focus, it would be to engage. I work in a community college widely dispersed across the territory. We all feel isolated to some extent, by choice or by geography, even those who are physically located in our larger centres. I think it is impossible to truly communicate and collaborate if your first don’t engage. There is engaging others and also engaging with our own learning..something #etmooc is stimulating for me. What does engagement mean for you?

    • OK, I put my reply to kgitch under your comment Brent..I still have work to do in learning how to manage my blog. lol. The reference to transparency applies both to my learning and to how I operate. You spoke in your blog about building relationships with colleagues by noticing and commenting on the positive things they are doing in your school before opting to share some of your ideas. It is so true that people are much more open to hearing what you have to say if they feel appreciated. That idea is a reminder to me to change the way I approach promoting PD in our college. I fear that I have been too busy trying to get instructors to see learning technologies my way without first taking time to solicit their ideas and learn enough about what they do to be able to appreciate their work. I feel that I have had a hidden agenda which may have been obvious to others (that old blind spot in the Johari window!), so I aim to be more transparent not only about my own learning but about my agenda for institutional change. Hope I am making sense.

      • I hear what you’re saying. Transparency is honesty, it shows you have the best interest of others in mind, instead of self promotion. Also, I totally agree on your statement about engagement. To answer your question, engagement to me is allowing students (or others) to have the freedom to explore topics that grab their attention and have them reproduce their understanding in a medium that they feel would best relay their learning. I’m a big proponent of project-based and experiential learning.


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