Posted by: lindapemik | October 8, 2013

Finding my blogging voice

Human growth theory suggests that we all go through stages of development.  Do you suppose that blog writers have their growth stages too?  I think so.  We are not born fully mature bloggers. It seems to me that it must take a while to find your own blogging style, to find your VOICE.   I read recently that  a writer needs to write 4 or 5 novels before truly finding his/her voice.  I wonder how many blogs I have to write  before I find my authentic blogging voice?

I found a blog yesterday that keeps me coming back-  it’s funny, informative and visually appealing.It’s natural and real.   When I read it I feel like Jen Lara is in the room with me..chatting away. I can hear her voice and her laugh.

Jen has an authentic blogging voice.  I want to be like Jen when I mature as a blogger. Where do I find my voice?  What other blogs illustrate such authenticity?

Just when I think I’ve got it.  I am really on to something!  a better understanding of blogging.  I read something that blows me out of the water.  A link shared by an #etmoocer,  Ary Aranguiz,@trendingteacher, to  a blog written by Alan Levine,.  He wrote, (blogging)” it’s really for me. Not to be found or anything, but for mw to be working out ideas in a visible space– it just makes sense to me”.  So do I write for me or for an audience?  or both?



  1. You might know you’ve found your voice when you are not really thinking about it, when you get that itch in your brain that you just cannot do anything else til you blog it… No set point of getting there because it is not an end destination.

    I don’t see the question of writing for yourself vs and audience as a necessary dichotomy, it can easily be both. But if your frame becomes aiming for something that gets attention, or fretting over the right title to improve SEO than maybe you’ve gone more on one side.

    I write because it helps me think and relate and process. The audience part is a nice bonus, valuable, but I would blog even if I knew nobody read it.

  2. thanks for your comments,,and yes I know that itch in the brain that won’t go away until I blog it out! but I am working on the balance between writing for me and not worrying so much about impressing some illusive audience. My earlier blogs were more like academic papers then true reflections..time to relax and write more for me.

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    I’m in a (re)finding my voice (again) patch lately…sometimes writing too much for or on behalf of others does that. Becoming the voice of X seems like a form of possession.


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