Posted by: lindapemik | November 24, 2013

oh the times they are achanging

If you have been following my blog you know by now that I am a 66 year old academic–born and raised in the 20th century where the printed word reigned supreme and all knowledge worth knowing could be found in books. (Or so we western scientific types thought). I think you will also have noticed that the web is changing all that. Enter the 21st century and the connected generation. If you need to know about something now the first instinct is to “google” it. Look for the answer to your question on the web where you not only find the answer you are looking for but you will likely see a great graphic image to go along with the written information and maybe even an interactive activity. This easily accessible and visible information may even stimulate your curiosity and lead you to dig deeper…after all it all so easy to follow that curiosity and deepen the search. So what you may ask? On a personal front, I have rediscovered an interest in cooking and baking , thanks to all my Facebook friends sharing their recipes. On a professional front, my experience shows me that we will have a better chance of engaging learners if we communicate with them in ways that are familiar to them. and guess what? It’s not with books!564020_10202174390985882_1473336306_n.



  1. Still watching your blogs…nothing ordinary about you.loved working with you in the 70’s.Paul & Pauline


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