Linda Pemik:  I am an educator, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother who happens to be a College administrator at this point in my life.  I believe in the importance of continuous development,both personal and professional, and aim to model that in all my relationships. I have  lived in Arviat,  a rural and remote Inuit village on the west coast of Hudson Bay for the last 40 years. Access to the internet opened up my world to vast stores of information but the Web 2.0 has enabled me to become engaged in a collective that I had never imagined could exist.  This blog is my place for reflection and maps my own learning adventures in the Web 2.0 world.  The thoughts are my own remixing of things I am learning along the way.  I thank those in my growing online community and in my face to face world for sharing their ideas and challenging me to continue my learning.



  1. http://tal.ki/

    You asked about how I embedded a forum in my wordpress, follow the link above. I never got much use out of it. I do think it is useful because you can embed the same forum in many different spots.

    • thanks for the info. For my project I am working on setting up a virtual space for our college staff to discuss, debate and prepare for our digital coming of age–all our sites will have improved internet access after mar 11. Forum vs blog vs discussion board..what are the differences and what would you recommend?

  2. Ublakut Linda,

    Thank you for including me in your blog, I am honoured that you chose to do so!

    Thank you also for linking to my http://www.coolclass.ca Website, my students will be so pleased!

    Did you know that I spent some time with your professor, Alec Corous, a few days ago in Calgary? We were discussing the concept of “Digital Citizenship”. I call it “Netizenship”, see http://www.netizenship.net.

    Our family is well as we hope yours is.

    Helene is teaching grade four and I currently teach grade five. Her school is beside mine, so we drive to and from school together each day as we drive by the Rocky Mountains!

    Anoee (Alex) is nineteen and is in his second year at the University of Lethbridge doing a dual major in Psychology and Philosophy. He shares an apartment with two girls.

    Sila (Julia) is seventeen and is in her senior year in high school. She wants to attend Acadia Univerisity next year as they have an outstanding Sports and Recreation Leadership program. She has just been chosen as the Chair of the Graduation Committee, so she is quite proud of having this responsibility.

    I have been having fun inside and outside of the classroom. I teach from Monday to Thursday with my grade fives. I am usually traveling on Thursday nights by vehicle or plane, then presenting to students, teachers and parents on Fridays, please
    see http://is.gd/chO0U

    It’s been a fun ride so far!

    Well, I had better get back to my marking etc.

    Please let Alec Corous know that we have been friends for years. It should put a smile on his face. I think that he’s an outstanding educator!

    Please give our love and best wishes to all!



    “Making Connections to Make a Difference!’

    • It was great to see you in our class last week. I was so excited that I actually know someone who was on line with us. And I do admire your work and think you have a very cool class! Nunavut lost a great asset when you moved back to the South. But now that we are increasingly connected we can enjoy being part of a new kind of network. Taking eci831 is the most exciting learning experience that I have had in a long time. A big learning curve for me but well worth the effort. I’ll be “chewing” on all of this for months and likely years to come. I hope that when I return to the classroom, whether f2f or virtual that I can create the kind of learning environment that motivates my students to keep on long after our formal relationships have ended. Kudos to Alec Couros for modeling open learning at its best. On a more personal note, give my warmest regards to Helene. and all the best, Linda

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